The membership process at Immanuel looks like this:

1. Fill out a membership application. Click the button below to complete the online form (hard copies are available in the main office by request). If applicable, Immanuel’s Receptionist will request a reference from the church where you are currently a member.

2. Meet with a pastor. Once your reference is returned, the Receptionist will contact you to set up a membership interview with an Immanuel Pastor.

3. Attend Introducing Immanuel. At any point, you can attend an Introducing Immanuel class, which is held over 2 days on a weekend (Friday 6-8pm & Saturday 9am-12pm; you attend both). For the next scheduled class, click here. After your interview, you will be announced to the church as a candidate for membership in Immanuel’s weekly communication.

4. Be welcomed in. Your membership will be voted on at a Member’s Meeting not long after you are announced as a candidate for membership.


What does it look like to live a life together building a community from all cultures where Christ is King? All of our lives will be different, but we want a few things to be the same for all of us. Because of this we want you to know that partnering with Immanuel means committing to gather in three ways:

Gathering for Sunday prayer

We believe that through prayer God advances His Kingdom, protects us from the attacks of Satan, and does wonderful works for His own glory! We want to ask God to do all of those things for us. We never want God to say to us, “you do not have, because you do not ask.” Because of this desire, we encourage every member to join us every week on Sunday morning for prayer.

Gathering for Sunday worship

Every Sunday morning we gather to glorify God by reading His word, the Bible, preaching His word, listening to His word, praying His word, singing His word, and seeing His word on display in baptism and the Lord’s Supper. This gathering is the foundation of all of our discipleship at Immanuel.

Gospel Community Groups

These groups of 10-20 people work together throughout the week to care for one another, build community with one another, and be on mission together throughout Louisville. While each of these groups gather at different times and in different ways, you should expect to be touching base with your group at least once a week.

All of your life is worship

We hope every member of Immanuel will live for Jesus all the time and not just for these three gatherings. This means doing your job, spending time with family and friends, getting to know your neighbors all so that Jesus looks good! It means intentionally pointing your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to Christ in all that you do.