Serve on Welcome/Security Team:

Must have completed a membership interview with a pastor

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Serve in Immanuel Kids

Must be an Immanuel member and have regularly attended a Gospel Community Group for at least 3 months

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Serve on Audio/Video Team

Must be an Immanuel member and have relevant technical skills. Contact if interested.

Philosophy of Serving

We believe that every Christian is given gifts for serving others, and that when every part of the body of Christ is functioning properly, the whole body builds itself up in love. The responsibility of the Pastors at Immanuel is not to do all the ministry by themselves, but to equip Christians for the work of ministry.

Organic Ministry

As a community, we rely on each other to meet most of the needs within the church. We call this “organic ministry” because it occurs naturally and independently from the imposed structures of an organized event or program. We encourage and equip Immanuel to look for opportunities to serve! Examples of organic ministry include:

  • Studying the Bible with some neighbors
  • Showing hospitality to those visiting
  • Inviting a college student who is looking for housing to live with your family
  • Knowing and meeting the needs of people in your gospel community group
  • Mowing grass for an elderly member
  • Visiting someone in the hospital
  • Bringing a meal to a new mom
  • Calling a friend you’ve not seen in a while and checking in on him/her
  • Inviting a friend to talk through a difficulty you’re facing

In these kinds of interactions, most of the ministry as Immanuel takes place. In fact, Immanuel’s Gospel Community Groups are built in order to encourage and develop this exact kind of ministry with each other! Living this way allows our community many real opportunities to meet serious needs and to do the work of ministry that we have been re-created in Christ to do, all for His glory!

Formal Ministry

As Immanuel, we emphasize the reality that for followers of Jesus, all of life presents opportunities for ministry. At the same time, we also encourage our people to be involved in “formal” ministry. Formal ministry involves organized opportunities for serving one another and our neighbors. Part of what it means to be in the body of Christ is to look around for real needs and seek to meet them. Since there are so many practical needs in our church and local community, we have arranged various ministries to meet these needs. As our members have opportunity, we desire that they will pursue ministry, both formal and organic.