How do I discern where God wants me to serve with Immanuel?
Here are a few ideas:

  1. Consider your desires/aspirations. Often the Lord grants you the desires of your heart. Usually, even when we’re called to very difficult tasks God does grant us a deep desire to do those things.
  2. Consider your abilities/gifts. You may love to sing and have an intense desire to lead in worship; however, if you can’t carry a tune, then it is NOT the Lord’s will for you to serve in that capacity…no matter how strong your desire for that ministry.
  3. Consider the real needs around you. As a Christian, you are part of a family. In a family, you may not like the chore of doing the dishes and taking out the trash, but someone has to do those things, or the family can’t function. As a church family, look around you for the greatest places of need and seek to be a Christ-like servant, where no one else is meeting the needs.
  4. Consider your opportunities. For example, you may love to teach. You may be gifted to teach. You may feel called to teach. But, if there are not opportunities to teach, then for now, serve diligently where there are opportunities and wait on the Lord for a teaching ministry. This principle can be applied to any area of desire for ministry.
  5. Consider others’ advice and counsel. As you seek to live your life for Christ’s glory, this will involve serving others in many ways. As you serve, you’ll find niches where you love to serve and where you meet real needs. As you do this, many times others will see your good works, affirm you, praise the Lord for you, and this will confirm God’s “calling” in your life.

When all five of these things fall into place, you can have great confidence that the Lord would have you serve in the place that He is leading.

How do I start a ministry?
Serve someone!

How do I start a formal ministry?
We are a church that believes God gives gifts, and empowers and leads His people in all kinds of different works to advance His kingdom. At times this involves participating in an already existing ministry, while other times it is obeying the gospel in all of life and in the context of neighbors and co-workers. Sometimes it involves gathering other believers as you pioneer a new initiative to bring the gospel to bear in new way, new place, and a new context. Pastors at Immanuel want to get behind you and serve you in whatever capacity, so that God advances His Kingdom through you. If you want to inquire about starting a formal ministry, please contact Pastor Ben Hedrick,, to share your heart and vision.

What do I do if I cannot seem to get plugged into any formal ministries?
If you are having difficulty finding out information regarding a particular formal ministry, or if you have any questions at all, please contact Immanuel’s main office at

What do I do if I am not connecting with my Gospel Community Group?
It takes a while to get to know new people. Be patient, look for opportunities to serve and speak, encourage others, and pray that God would strengthen your group. Talk to your group leader about ways to bring everyone together and unite them. If you would like, Immanuel’s pastors are always available to help give counsel and possible find a group that is more compatible with you.

How can I be equipped to serve more effectively?
Pursuing God’s calling in your life can be overwhelming. But God uses imperfect people by equipping them. In fact, God has given us pastors and teachers to equip us for the various works of ministry. We have structured ourselves in various ways to facilitate this process. Both Sunday morning worship and prayer gatherings are designed to encourage, train, and equip us as we labor for Christ’s Kingdom. Additionally, various teaching times occur through the year to explore important issues and teachings so that our people have a basic understanding of the whole counsel of God. Another great place to be equipped is through our Gospel Community Groups, where we learn while we devote ourselves to community, care, and mission. Also, for those aspiring to be leaders, Immanuel offers a Pastoral Apprenticeship program to develop men into leaders for our church and elsewhere. Please visit our main website,, to read about our current teaching times and leadership development initiatives.