Immanuel is a community of people and as such, there are many ways to serve each other every day of the week outside of our weekly gatherings.

Gospel Community Groups

Gospel Community Groups exist to teach and make disciples through community, care, and mission. Immanuel builds a community from all cultures where Christ is king through making and teaching disciples within Gospel Community Groups.

The ultimate goal of Gospel Community Groups is discipleship. Immanuel is about the task of discipleship; we want to make disciples and teach them to observe everything Jesus taught. This making and teaching of disciples takes place within the context of a group of 10-20 believers who live life together as a family: sharing meals, caring for each other, and advancing Jesus’ kingdom together.

Every member of Immanuel is to be a part of a Gospel Community Group. We encourage people to join a group that is close to their home , thus making it possible to share life together. If you would like information about groups in your area, contact us.



Immanuel’s youth ministry exists to teach, model and disciple youth into mature followers of Jesus. Youth ministry at Immanuel really doesn’t look much different than ministry to any adult, but there are some differences. Immanuel encourages youth to attend the same discipleship classes as adults and be involved in the same ministries as adults. On top of this regular ministry to youth, the youth gather together for monthly events, studies, and discussions.



The men’s ministry exists to teach and disciple men to follow after Jesus. The men’s ministry meets regularly throughout the year for fellowship and learning. Additionally, they go on one retreat each year to strengthen their resolves for godliness and spur each another on towards love and good deeds.



Immanuel’s women’s ministry exists to teach and mentor women to follow after Jesus. Immanuel’s women’s ministry hosts regular fellowship and teaching events throughout the year

The women’s ministry also organizes mentoring relationships among women. They desire for these relationships to help the women of Immanuel as they encourage one another through intentional friendships. Women are paired with other women to meet together regularly throughout the year for this ministry of mutual encouragement, love, and support.


Member Care

Immanuel follows the example of the early church in being willing to share any material possession in order to meet the needs of one of our members. A generous church is a healthy church. However, a generous church must also be a wise church in not encouraging laziness and a lack of self-discipline.

Immanuel’s member care ministry operates in many different ways. It may take the form of bringing meals to parents with a newborn. It may look like a community group visiting an elderly shut-in in order to mow and weed her lawn. It may be seen in inviting a recovering addict into your home to live for a few months until work is found. The needs are endless, but our Savior’s grace surpasses any physical needs that may appear.

To see how you can help or if you are in need of assistance, please contact one of the Deacons of Mercy.


Mercy Meals

Mercy meals are a practical way of serving those of our community in need. Whether there is a hardship through sickness or life transition, or a joy like the arrival of a new baby, many families find themselves in a place where cooking meals is difficult. We, as a community, love to provide and care for each other in these times of need! Mercy meals are just one way of practically caring for each other.

To participate in serving a mercy meal, look for sign-up sheets at the Serve Desk as often as you are able. Simply sign up on the sheet then take the tear-off tab for the day you signed up. The tear-off tab will have the family’s name, contact info, and the date you signed up to take a meal. Then make a meal with enough for leftovers, contact the family to find out when would be a good time to bring it to them, and take it to the family!

There is also an opportunity to serve on a regular monthly basis for certain members of our body who are unable to cook for themselves anymore. To get in the monthly rotation or to be put on the substitute list, contact Mercy Meals.