Jesus said the two greatest commandments that summarized all the law and the prophets, were to love God with everything you are and to love your neighbor as yourself. Since the gospel frees people to walk in good works of love toward others, we encourage our community at Immanuel to be pouring their lives out in service to their neighbors.


Immanuel is convinced the whole Bible teaches that those whom God saves are to dedicate their entire lives to loving the Lord. A life dedicated to loving the Lord is characterized by mercifully loving neighbors as ourselves. We intentionally give ourselves to “doing good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith” (Gal 6:9). Our deacons are set apart for the purpose of making sure there is not a needy person among us, and as a community, we labor to bear each other’s burdens and so fulfill the Law of Christ. These burdens include relief in time of disaster and development in time of need. To see how you can help or if you are in need of assistance, please contact one of the Deacons of Mercy.


Louisville Rescue Mission

In cooperation with other churches in the Louisville Metro area, Immanuel supports the work of Louisville Rescue Mission, whose vision is to “extend gospel centered mercy to the homeless and hurting of the greater Louisville area.” LRM is a theologically- driven ministry that is faithful to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Immanuel members serve on staff at LRM as well as on the Board of Directors. Immanuel also supports the work at LRM through financial support. There are many opportunities to serve at LRM: mentoring men and women into a relationship and walk with Jesus is one example. For more information about mentoring at LRM or simply volunteering in any of the numerous ministries contact us.

733 East Jefferson Street Louisville, KY 40202-1065 |


A Woman’s Choice Resource Center

AWC is a crisis pregnancy center in downtown Louisville. Many Immanuel members volunteer through AWC to help women who are abortion minded seek out and discover alternative and God-glorifying solutions to their situation.

140 W. Market St. Louisville, KY 40202 |

Speak for the Unborn

Speak for the Unborn (S4U) is a ministry that seeks to speak truth into the lives of woman who have determined to abort their children. Every Wednesday and Saturday morning at 6:30, people gather at Louisville’s only abortion provider’s clinic and attempt to persuade mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers not to abort their children. In opposing abortion this way, Immanuel conscientiously communicates what should not be done, but also presents various alternatives. To that end, we: encourage adoption, offer information about pregnancy resources, and offer help to anyone despite their difficult circumstances. S4U is motivated by a commitment to the gospel and an overflow of love for Christ that exposes evil, and it prayerfully seeks to communicate God’s word to people’s hearts and to support adoption, thus making the right choice for women easier. For additional information about S4U, visit their website:



Immanuel counselors are committed to helping people sort through their problems according to biblical principles while also applying biblical solutions.

For lasting change, we believe a relationship with Christ and His people is vital. While the Bible offers help in all areas of living, we also recognize that the Bible is not simply a recipe book for joy and contentment. Ultimately, the Bible points us to a relationship with a person, Jesus Christ, a merciful savior who graciously gives lasting change now and forever. Ultimate healing, restoration, hope, joy, contentment, and peace is experienced when people learn to see themselves and their problems in the context of a living, vital relationship with Jesus. We recognize that some who are interested in receiving counseling are skeptical of our belief that relationship with Jesus can make a real difference in real life. We are happy to meet with you even if you are skeptical. We encourage you to prayerfully consider meeting with us and talking to us, even if you have some reservations and questions about this model of counseling.

Whether you are a member of Immanuel or not, if you are interested in receiving discipleship/counseling or if you have family members, friends, or neighbors who live in the Louisville area who are interested in receiving biblical counseling, we would be delighted to help.


Alexis Orphan Care

Alexis Orphan Care educates families on the plight of the orphan and the Christian’s call to care for the orphan. We encourage families as they journey through the adoption process, equip families as they consider adoption by providing resources for the adoption process and beyond, and engage families in becoming involved in orphan care through advocacy and mission opportunities.


International Refugee Outreach

Each week members of Immanuel (in partnership with Refuge Louisville) go to a Louisville neighborhood with refugees from Nepal, Burma, Sudan and other nations, seeking to serve the community there in practical, everyday ways, and, above all, seeking to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with these men, women, and children steeped in the traditions of various false religions. Thankfully, the Lord has opened the way for our neighbors to escape difficult situations in their respective nations, so that they can be settled here in our midst. It is our privilege, with prayer, hope, and expectation, to engage these families with the gospel, loving them in the name of Christ, and calling them to repentance and faith in Christ.


Chinese Fellowship

Every week, Immanuel members lead a Chinese Fellowship that seeks to build relationships and speak truth to Chinese nationals living in the United States. Many of these nationals are students at local universities and are eager to practice their English, gather for social interaction, and hear Bible lessons.